Artisan jewelry designed to be elegant, classic, graceful... Just like you

Find your signature jewelry style with easy-to-mix and layer pieces you’ll want to wear everyday.

  • As a high achieving and confident woman, you live & speak your truth.
  • You desire jewelry that is personal & expressive; outlasting current fads.
  • Pieces that uplift your mood, & get you excited to tackle the day.
  • ....and you often pick your outfit to match the jewelry you want to wear

    You contain multiples -- shouldn't your jewelry be as layered and multi-faceted as you?

    As an engineer, I understand the importance of excellence in both design and materials for long-lasting wear. That’s why I carefully handcraft every piece with genuine pearls and gemstones – tooled for durability with solid sterling silver or gold-filled chains designed to last a lifetime and beyond.

    My Jewelry Journey

    I was 12 making my 1st Puka Shell necklace to show off my sun-tanned skin from lounging on the Southern California beaches in the 70s. I loved to shop at my local bead stores and make colorful beaded necklaces. In a high school jewelry class, I learned to cast a sterling silver ring embellished with crushed turquoise and coral- colors I still love! For my wedding, I designed a 3-strand white beaded choker to wear as my “something new” with the cross necklace my grandmother loaned for my “something borrowed”.

    College & Career

    I pursued a mechanical engineering degree from the University of California, Irvine. I met my husband Richard as we worked together in aerospace for the 2 years after graduation. My father asked me join our family business- Novak Electronics, and for most of my career I helped my parents and sister Linda, build a hobby-based business from our living room to an international company that thrived for 38 years. My husband now works in the golf industry. 

    My Life & Why

    Along the way….
    • I am grateful for a wonderful life married to my best friend of 30+ years
    • We raised 2 daughters and a son to become educated, independent and respectful young adults
    • I became a triathlete and distance runner competing in dozens of endurance events
    • I fully embrace and understand the active mompreneur life!
    After we closed the family business, my entrepreneurial spirit couldn’t be held back for long and I was determined to start a hobby-based business of my own.

    This lead me back to my love of making jewelry and that's why I launched Novaura Jewelry.

    I am excited to create NOVAURA Jewelry for bold women like you that love to look fabulous.

    I would be honored to work with you, whether you purchase from my website or contact me to customize something for you, your sister, mom or girlfriend.