Alluring gemstone jewelry to celebrate your unique sparkle and radiate your inner beauty

Do you share the same love for jewelry as other women?

  • As a high achieving & confident woman, you don't need permission to buy what you desire.
  • You're an independent spirit who values quality and appreciates the elegance of beautifully designed jewelry
  • Personal connection with the artist and supporting indie businesses is important to you.
  • When it comes to your morning style routine, jewelry may come first. You pick jewelry to uplift your mood and get you excited to tackle the day.

Hey there, I'm Laura.

Engineer to jewelry artist

I merge the detail-oriented nature of my engineering background with the expressiveness of artistic design. This unique fusion allows me to craft aesthetically pleasing jewelry that is made to last.

My designs use natural gemstones and beads, precious metals, and chic textures that evoke the beauty and essence of California. 

You contain multitudes-shouldn't your jewelry be layered & multi-faceted as you?

I believe there's a magic in transforming gems and metals into jewelry. Each gemstone & pearl brings its own character and energy, adding depth and meaning to the final design. It's like painting with nature's palette, creating a harmony of colors and textures that resonate with your personal style and mood.

Jewelry Journey

From beachy Puka Shells to walking down the aisle.

I was 12 making a Puka Shell necklace to show off my sun-kissed skin from lounging on the California beaches. I loved to shop at my local bead shops and make colorful necklaces.

In a high school jewelry class, I learned to cast a sterling silver ring with crushed turquoise and coral.

For my wedding, I designed a 3-strand choker to wear as my “something new”, layered with the cross necklace my grandmother loaned for my “something borrowed.”

College & Career

You know that quiet girl in high school who aced Physics & Calculus? That was me – as the daughter of an engineer, I was passionate about working with my hands and bringing my ideas to life.

With an engineering degree from UC Irvine, I first landed at an aerospace company doing computer simulation. Here, I met my husband Richard. (He's an engineer too!)

Soon after, my father asked me to rejoin the family business – Novak Electronics – and I worked alongside my parents and sister to bring his model airplane hobby from our living room to a multi-million dollar company that thrived for nearly 4 decades.

Novak Family ~ Linda, Bob, Laura, & Joan


Little gems along the way...

  • I’m grateful for a beautiful life & marriage – filled with joy, laughter, and travel – to my best friend of 35+ years.
  • We raised two daughters and a son to become educated, independent and respectful young adults.
  • I became a triathlete and distance runner competing in dozens of endurance events.

A story of resilience

Family businesses are the ultimate blessing! I cherish the memories working alongside my dear sister Linda, our parents Bob & Joan, and the wonderful employees that were like family.

I come from a family with strong entrepreneurial roots. From a young age, I learned the value of hard work and building close relationships with customers in our family business. Linda's and my kids also stepped in at Novak Electronics to gain invaluable work-life skills. 

But life took an unexpected turn when our family business closed, and a few years later Linda was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer. It was a difficult and challenging time, but amidst the turmoil, I rediscovered my childhood hobby – jewelry making. What started as a therapeutic outlet soon blossomed into a side gig.

My career and life took a turn in my 50s. It's not just a change in direction but a journey that culminated in the creation of my jewelry brand. With the support of my husband, children, and parents, I proved that it's never too late to pursue my dreams and turn a beloved hobby into a joyful business.

I hear the whispers of encouragement from Linda to do what makes me happy.

Novaura Jewelry is more than a brand; it's a celebration of life, love, and the power of art to heal and transform. A journey to remind us that it's never too late to pursue our passions, and create a joyful life filled with beauty. 

What's ahead for Novaura Jewelry?

Discover my latest jewelry pieces as I delve into the art of metalsmithing and craft stunning gemstone creations.